QuizMania is an educational and intellectual program… Freebies are usually given out to the winner of each edition. All you have to do is answer the highest number of questions out of 10 and get your reward.

The competition is usually carried out on blackberry messenger. It comes up three times a week; Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays by 9p.m. 10 general quiz questions are asked per edition, anyone who answers at least five(5) questions correctly out of 10 gets our minor FREEBIE plus anyone who answers a minimum of seven(7) questions correctly gets our major FREEBIE. However, there would be a time limit of 15seconds to answer each question and you have to be the first to answer a question to be the winner of that question.
n/b: #QuizMania is to arrive facebook soon. To get news and updates, like us on facebook: Louisvilla Concepts or click the link http://www.facebook.com/LouisvillaConcepts

Powered by Louisajohnson
ff on twitter @louisajlo
add on BBM 28E5F6B2

‪#‎MegaSlam‬ Challenge! Here, five(5) challengers are selected by spots to compete head-to-head in the Slam Groupie! The winner takes away our Mega Freebie..
You can grab a spot in the Slam Groupie by being the first to answer any of 5 questions correctly.

These are the RuLeZ:
* Each question strictly has a time limit of 15secs to be answered
* All answers are judged by the time it delivers
* A winner with minimum of 5 answers gets the Mega Freebie
* A winner with less than 5 answers gets the ordinary Freebie
Only one WINNER would be announced! Who would it be???
‪#‎QuizMania‬…Maximum Fun Guaranteed!


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